What is an SLR ?

SLR stands for Single Lens Reflex. As the name suggests it has only one (single) lens attached to the body of the camera. An SLR camera can be broadly considered to have two major components. The lens and camera body. The Lens can be attached or removed from the camera body. Since there is only one lens attached to the body of the camera the term Single lens is used. All SLR cameras use a mirror and a pentaprism model to reflect light through the camera body and the photographer can see the scene through the view finder. The below video demonstrates the light path through a SLR camera.

Since the light reflects of the mirror it gets the term Reflex. Combining the definitions based on how light enters and reflects its called a Single Lens Reflex or simply SLR.


Are there any short cuts to become a photographer?

As with any other discipline for photography also there is no short cut in this world for success. Short cuts may be there but it will not weather the test of time. So it’s time to make the fundamentals right and climb the ladder slowly to achieve your artistic goal. The below video give a birds eye view of how to lay the foundation to photography and how to build on the foundation. Good luck.

The photographer's foundation of knowledge can be represented in the form of a pyramid. The pyramid is very strong at its base. The very reason why it could be built very tall.

Similarly if you want to take your photography to great heights a strong base is required.

The technical details and knowhow forms the base of the pyramid for the photographer's foundation of knowledge. Upon which one can solidly build an artistic platform for self expression.

Please view the video to understand the photographer's foundation of knowledge in a visual form.

A photographer's foundation of knowledge

One would have noticed that the typical terminologies used in photography like, focusing, exposure, ISO, shutter speed, aperture, camera details all come under the technical aspects of photography. And as we move up the pyramid the technical aspects slowly merge with the artistic elements. Any ways technical aspects in photography is an integral part as its the very nature of this medium of artistic expression.

One may have noticed that technical aspects can be learnt and perfected in a few weeks to months time but the artistic process is an evolutionary one. 


Chadar Ice trekking - Frozen River, Timeless journey

Chadar means a white sheet in Hindi. This is synonymous to the landscape of this region especially for the Zanskar River when in winter the ambient temperature of the region fall below zero degree celsius. The river freezes making a white sheet of ice above it. One can walk over this sheet of Ice and is one of the routes used by the locals to reach Leh during winter from Zanskar. In the recent past this adventurous route has been much sought after by adventure loving people to make a trek of their life time experiencing some of the toughest terrains on earth. This is a presentation of the trek undertaken by two photographer friends which ended up in making some fine landscapes from the region and experiences that can be boasted along for a life time. Please see the Prezi presentation to enjoy the travel experiences in words and images.