Can you see the white stream within the gorge (left hand corner down). Thats river Kunthi which runs down 20 Kms untouched by mankind. That Gorge was where the dam was proposed in late seventies by KSEB (kerala state electricity board). Many years ago the people of this country fought for a campaign to save silent valley from being submerged under the waters of proposed hydel project. 

Silent Valley is no longer silent. It is the speaking symbol of a people's campaign for conservation. A paradigm for development without destruction. Thanks to all those unsung heroes who fought this movement and saved it for the future generations.

The evolutionary age of Silent valley evergreen rain forest is believed to be 50 Million years. We in todays world can destroy it in less than 50 days. Such is the power of  man's destructive forces. We owe to protect it with full heart and soul.


Ipsea Malabarica (Malabar Daffodil Orchid)

The spirit of Silent Valley; the Spirit of Conservation.
It was a set mission to to photograph this endangered, undisputedly called the QUEEN of all Orchids IPSEA MALABARICA.
Though I knew it was not the season to photograph these as the rains were over and the last of the flowers were also disappeared this season. But a determined photographer always has his luck awaiting in disguise. The last flower in the area was awaiting me to be photographed.

Ipsea Malabarica ( The golden Orchid)

These golden flowers bloom in very restricted areas of Silent valley found no where else in the world. 

Ipsea Malabarica in its highly Fragile habitat