Ipsea Malabarica (Malabar Daffodil Orchid)

The spirit of Silent Valley; the Spirit of Conservation.
It was a set mission to to photograph this endangered, undisputedly called the QUEEN of all Orchids IPSEA MALABARICA.
Though I knew it was not the season to photograph these as the rains were over and the last of the flowers were also disappeared this season. But a determined photographer always has his luck awaiting in disguise. The last flower in the area was awaiting me to be photographed.

Ipsea Malabarica ( The golden Orchid)

These golden flowers bloom in very restricted areas of Silent valley found no where else in the world. 

Ipsea Malabarica in its highly Fragile habitat


R S Radhish Kurup said...

Nice Man , I missed the trip .

Capt Suresh Sharma said...

Brilliant flower shot. And your selection of the subject is very good.

PreSam said...

That was a beautiful shot of Ipsea malabarica. Do you often trek in the Western Ghats ?